A web browsers is a software application which enable a user to display and interact with text,images,videos,music,games and other information typically located on web page at a website on the WORLD WIDE WEB or a local area network.

Web page can contain hyperlinks to other web pages at the same or different website.web browsers allow a user to quickly and easily access information provided on many web pages at many websites by traversing these links. web browsers format HTML information for display, so the appearance of aweb page may differ between browser.

some of the web browsers currently available for personal computer includes internet EXPLORER, MOZILA FIREFOX, SAFARI, OPERA,KONQUEROR, GOOGLE CHROME, LYNX etc.

Web browsers also come with some features .some common features that are included with web browsers are spell checkers, search ingines tool bars,download managing, password managing, bookmark managing,as well as form managing.