AN operating system acts as an interface between the user of machine and the computer hardware.the majar purpose of operating system is to provide the enviroment in which a user can execute programs in a convenient and efficient manner. operating system is a first program that gets loaded into the memory through a process colled booting.AN operating system also acts as aplatfarm on which various appliction programs such as micrasoft office and ward processor.


window XP,window 9XP,window 7,window NT,window 200,window VIST,window 98.


Well to put it briefly, without one you would be switching on your computer to communicate with a blank screen. The operating system acts like a translator between the user and the hardware and vice versa. It converts computer binary code into information we would understand, and every time we input data like pressing keys the data we see as letters is entered as codes the computer will understand. There is 2 types of software, the O/S(operating system) and application software. The application software is designed to perform multiple or specific tasks for the user. It comes in all sorts of forms from games too Microsoft office. In order to run the application software you need an O/S. like mentioned above it's the translator between the user and hardware