Project on Internet technology

BCA - II | Batch 2012-15 | Session 2013-14

"Definations of internet"

  1. Network of Networks
  2. Connection of network
  3. Computer are connected to the internet.They are able to communicate and share information
  4. Internet is global networkof computer network.More than 100 countries are linked into exchange of data news and opinion.
  5. Computer network linking smaller computer network world wide
  6. The internet include commericial,educational governmental,and the some set of communications protocols

"Internet Technology"

Internet technology is referring to the electronic world of many different computer networks.Internet technology allows for effective communication and research. The Internet is simply a network of hundreds of thousands of computers all over the World, connected in a way that lets other computers access information on them. So if a computer is connected to the Internet, in principle, it can be connected to any other computer on the network. Today, the Internet comprises more than 45000 regional, national and international networks, which connect more than 30 million people in over 200 countries